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New Doggies Added 20 January 2001

This page is for all the doggy lovers out there who are looking for just the right graphic for their doggy web sites. As far as I know, these graphics are in the public domain. If you know otherwise, E-Mail Me and I will remove the offending item. You are free to use these graphics any way you like, but YOU MUST TRANSLOAD to your own server. DO NOT LINK TO THESE GRAPHICS.

I want to thank my cyberbuddy, Terri, for sending me oodles of doggy graphics. She, like me, is a cat lover and has a graphics site devoted to kitties. She also has a whole bunch of funny pages. Visit her sites by clicking onto the banners below.

Help For WebTV'ers


There are no wolf grahics on this site. Many have e-mailed asking for them, so here are some links to sites that have them.

Tom and Vicky's Gif Page(ANIMALS)

Draac's Native American Gallery

Backgrounds can be found at the bottom of this page. Also, backgrounds with cartoon doggies can be found on this page.


More Doggies

Animated Doggies

More Animated Doggies

Doggy Bars and Lines

Cartoon Doggies

Holiday Doggies

Doxies and Flowers Border Back

Grey Doggy Border Back

Dalmation Border Background

Dog In Kiddy Car, Dog House, Hydrant

Brown Doggy

Embossed Grey Doggy

Dog House With Food Bowl In Front

Brown Dog Barking

Four Dogs On Lavender

Doggy Profiles

Doggy and Kitty On A Quilt

Blue Embossed Paw

Doggy With Basket Of Apples

Brown Doggy With Flower On Blue

Cream Colored Doggy and Kitty Background

Brown Doggy and Kitty Pals

Beige Dog With Toy Background

Black and Tan Doggy With Toys

Black and White German Shepherd

Puppy In Hat With Ball and Glove

Girl Holding Puppy

Puppy With Toy On Yellow

Puppy With Rose In Mouth

Dog and Cat Border Background

Dog Border Background

Toy Doggy Border Background

Background On This Site

Doggy Pals Background

Very Excited Doggy On Pale Yellow

Same As Above, Smaller

Blue Doggy Things On Blue

Blue and White Paws Background

Puppies Beside Brick Wall

Girl and Boy Doctoring Sick Puppy

Black Paw Background

Blues Clues Background

Scooby Background

Scooby Background

Scooby Background

Scooby Background

Scooby Background

Snoopy Background

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