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Peek Inside
My Haunted Soul!

My name is Beverly McCarty and I enjoy making websites. Many of my websites are not for everybody; some are downright Satanic in nature. Some are funny. I even have some graphics sites up where you can grab graphics for your own web sites. I have some of my poetry on websites, as well as some poems by other authors that I enjoy. Some sites are biographical in nature, in case anyone out there is interested. Hardy har har!

Graphics Sites and WebTV Pagebuilding Help

Walpurgis9's Spider Graphics: Spider and spiderweb images and backgrounds for your websites.

Walpurgis9's Ladies Of Darkness: Images of ladies on the darkside: warrior ladies, vampyresses, enchantresses, ladies working magic, etc.

Walpurgis9's Hellish Graphics: Satanic symbols, images of devils and demons, inverse pentagrams, baphomets, blades, etc.

Walpurgis9's Doggy Graphics: Images and backgrounds featuring dogs. Eight pages of dog graphics for your websites.

Walpurgis9's Graphics Pages: An entrance page to all of my graphics sites.

Walpurgis9's Instructions For Building A Web TV Scrapbook: Help for Web TV newbies who want to add images to their WebTV Pagebuilder scrapbooks.

Walpurgis-9's Instructions For Obtaining URL's Of Images In Your Web TV Scrapbook: Tutorial on getting the URL's of items transloaded into the WebTV Scrapbook.

Walpurgis-9's WebTV Pagebuilder Helpers: Links to my Page builder help pages and my graphics sites.

Walpurgis-9's Handy Links: Links to sites helpful to WebTV pagebuilders.

Sites To Make You Laugh

Living With Kitty: An explanation of just what a cat's job is and how a human companion can live well with his or her feline boss.

Taylor The Turkey-Loving Cat And His Sidekick Halloween, The Canine Kitty: Pages about my two cats, Taylor and Halloween.

Nowhere Really, USA: Remembering schoolyard gossip and speculation running amok.

I Was The Witch Lady: This is about how the children perceived me in one neighborhood I resided in.

Thinking About Nonsense: This is about the nutty stuff I start thinking about in the middle of the night.

Walpurgis9's Forty-Eleventy Truths: Mean, man bashing page.

Walpurgis-9's Humor Pages: An index page with links to all of my funny pages.

Poetry Pages

Walpurgis9's Hellish Poetry Page: An entrance page with links to my own poetry and poetry by other authors. These poems are on the darkside.

Aleister Crowley's "Hymn To Pan": Poem created by Mr. Crowley and read at his funeral.

Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven": One of Poe's most famous poems and my very favorite.

"The Conqueror Worm" by Edgar Allen Poe: Another of Mr. Poe's poems. Another favorite of mine, too.

Nightmares Of Desolation: My own poem.

Upon My Death: My own poem about my death.

Through This I Have Been: My own poem.

Up From Hell: My own poem.

Happy Halloween: My own light-hearted poem for Halloween.

Tonight's The Night: My Own Poem for All Hallow's Eve.

Pages About Me And What I Think

My Hissy Fit: A rant about the arrogance of people who don't understand cosmic justice.

A Cauldron Of My Nightmares: An essay about my nightmares written one night when I could not go back to sleep after a nightmare.

No Presents For Christmas: A holiday raving about why I do not like nor celebrate Christmas.

Psychic Gobbledygook: Don't give money to psychics for hire!

Sympathy For The Believers: Don't give money to preachers!

Life Is Hell And Then You Die: Multipage raving about absolutely nothing that matters one damned bit and probably nobody gives a rat's patootie about anyway.

Walpurgis9's Favorite Online Newspapers: Links to online newspapers all over the country that I like to read. Some I read daily; some I read when the mood strikes me.

My Devil Worshipping Ways: Comments about TV Preachers.

Biographical Pages

About Walpurgis9: Bio page with the most information about me.

Walpurgis9's Unholy Rant: Another of my cyber tirades about nothing of any consequence.

This Is Who I Am: Want a Picture Of Me? Damn you!

My Dolly Links: Links to online doll shops.

Bev McCarty's Personal Library: List of books in my own personal library. start counter